Organic Products & Produces : La Cosecha Ecológica ❤️

Today’s highlight: organic products & produces : La Cosecha Ecológica ❣️

This is a place where I have been wanting to go… It’s one of the stores that has organic products and produces. My aim? Fresh Kales. But I knew they usually run out in the morning. Today I had to run some errands in Centro so I was going to see if this was my lucky day…. 🍀

Everything is beautifully displayed ✨

There are some veggies and fruits that you don’t see in normal Fruterias (vegetables and fruits only store) – so exciting!!!

They hand you this straw basket to shop comfortably. I get excited just looking at these colorful veggies and fruits!

Variety of wine, nuts, grains are also available…. As for the kale, I got really lucky and got the last bunch!  So much that they are too big for the bag

They sell supplements and other house-hold products, too. In the pic,  you can’t quite see them because of a big bunch of Kale..)😆

So happy to find fresh kale in Sevilla!!!

Once at home, I made Gyukatsu for lunch. I was trying to cut the cabbage very thin but obviously I need more practice… 😅 The beef was amazing though – so tender inside and crunchy outside 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I meant to make homemade salsa using carrots and apple but I ran out of time for today. I just have to do it, tomorrow or next day. This salsa can be used for other things 🤩 like curry – yum!

Looking forward to cooking full out next time 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

➡️ La Cosecha Ecologíca ✨ Calle Santiago 1

Organic Products & Produces : La Cosecha Ecológica

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