Sevilla’s Iconic Confectionary 🔔 La Campana

Sevilla’s Iconic Confectionary 🔔 La Campana 🥰

This Confiteria (confectionary) was established in 1885! It’s located in the center of El Centro and they have so many kinds of sweets ✨ They have a limited eating/drinking space… but that doesn’t stop everyone from coming for their tasty treats. Especially now is the season for the present shopping, so it gets packed. Of course, no matter what season of the year, Spaniards take their Merienda (Spanish snack time) serious 😆 

El Dia de Reyes (Three Kings Day) is around the corner. That day Three Kings bring the gifts to those who behave well all year around…

Nativity scene is displayed in the showcase, too  👶🏻

They display seasonal sweets in the showcase so it’s fun to just pass by.  Right now Dulces de Navidad (Christmas sweets), cakes and sweet bread fill the showcases.

Roscón de Reyes is a sweet bread with the dried fruit on top. We eat it on January 6, Three Kings Day ✨

We went for some coffee and sweets after New Year Tapas and Wine Walk. It was crowded but we were able to find a table. We ordered two types of coffee and Tartaleta de Crema.

 I normally order Manchao (very little coffee with lots of milk). Javi orders decaf Bonbon (coffee with condensed milk).

This is one of Javi’s favorites.

We shared just this one because we had brownies at home! 😆

Full of cream. It even bounces… 🤤

Our friends also got there by chance – they were out shopping like the rest of Sevilla 😆. We chatted for a while and even the singing started amongst us  👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼  After all, we are in Sevilla… this kind of serendipity happens all the time ❤️

I recommend everyone to try this Sevilla’s iconic confectionary ~ You’ll always remember their sweets and traditional ambiance!

➡️ Confiteria La Campana ✨ Calle Sierpes 1-3, Sevilla


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