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“What I love” has become my life over time… 

While I lived in the US, I stared learning flamenco.

I was in my 20s.

I also started to “live” in Seville every summer for about 3 months.

And after all the back and forth, I finally moved here in Seville.

Now we go to Japan once a year for flamenco workshops and shows. We teach and perform in Seville and continue our work all over the US as well.

Flamenco I love is the one based on the culture and roots. Totally natural and authentic. And it is my humble desire to share this art with you.

Are you looking for information about Seville? (Advice on flamenco classes, rental studio, apartment rental, etc.) Contact me and I will try to help you as much as I can!

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Online & In-Studio Class

In addition, I am offering these classes at this time.

① Sevillanas | Online & In-Studio*

Sevillanas is NOT flamenco but you can totally dance it in flamenco style.

That’s how I like to teach my Sevillanas.

It’s fun and great exercise, too!

You don’t need shoes or skirt. No experience necessary.

*If you are in Seville, in-person classes are available.

② Flamenco | Online & In-Studio*

There are many types of flamenco but I love the authentic and natural one that gives me chills.

Do you want to try dancing flamenco for the first time?


You have been studying but feel stuck?

I’d love to help!

No shoes, no flower, no skirt.

We will focus on more important things so you can dance and feel great!

*If you are in Seville, in-person classes are available.

La Rhina Flamenco

YouTube Channel

I upload some of my videos every now and then on my YouTube Channel La Rhina Flamenco.


Please check out this PDF with my complete bio.

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